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Play with online chess gaming app.

Chess is a recreational and competitive board game that can play between two players. The game is also known to sharpen the player’s minds and strategic skills. The objective of the game is to eliminate the king of the other player. The player has to strategically use all their pieces and protect their king while trying to eliminate the other player’s king.

Multiple Rooms There are multiple rooms in the Chess game with different entry fees and therefore you can find and choose the right room for yourselves.
Play online with real money Play Chess using your skills and win to earn real cash. Use your Chess expertise to earn real money instead of just using it to pass time.
Quick Deposit and Money Withdrawal We want you to spend most of your time playing the game, and therefore we develop games that support quick deposit and money withdrawal.
Withdraw History A detailed history of the money that you have withdrawn is available. You can refer to the list to know when and where you have withdrawn the money.
Game History You will get a detailed history of all the games that you have played. It will also have details about the amount that you won/lost in each game.
Buddy Live List or Invitation As you add friends, you can see them on the buddy list. You can also see who is online and you can also send them an invitation to play with them.
Live support features The live support feature lets the players connect to you in just a few clicks. It can be used 24*7 by the players.
Play as a guest feature You can also play the game as a guest if you do not wish to create an account using your email address or any social media account.
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