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A bulk email service is an email provider that allows you to send mass emails to your subscribers. It's common to use bulk email services for newsletters, sales promotions, and company announcements.

A mass email service helps you reach a large followership and nurture them one dispatch at a time. In addition to getting direct access to your client base, you can also track how your emails perform and test colorful styles to increase clicks and transformations

  •  Send single or Bulk WhatsApp messages without saving numbers
  • Upload Excel or Text file for int Numbers.
  • Send Image and Attachment .
  •  Send Personlized Messages.
  • International Country Whatsapp Message Support.
  • Pause, Play and Stop Sending Messaging System.

Export & Import File To send Export or Import File Import all Number from CSV, TXT files or by copying and pasting.
File Sender You can send file, vedio, pdf, images.
Group Grabber You can Extract all Group Contact or Number from mobile phone.
Custom Messages You can Send custom messages with recipient’s name or other variables
Google Map Data Extractor It extract the data from google and export into a excel file.
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